About Us

Who Is Social Tailwaggers?

Jody Broughton, CPDT-KA, is the owner of Social Tailwaggers, LLC.  She spent the last two years training under a highly respected Certified Animal Behavorist, Debbie Winkler, who has opened her eyes to a whole “new” way to teach a dog. Her first dog was a miniature Sheltie named Cosmo. Cosmo liked to bark…a lot! Cosmo would occasionally bite and was very timid around other people. It always scared Jody if someone tried to pet him that he might bite.

Cosmo was not socialized as a puppy. Jody and Cosmo attended a training class when he was older where they were taught to use a choke collar. To teach him to sit, he was yanked on the leash or pushed on his rear end. Cosmo was taught to “heel”, and was yanked if he did not heel “properly”. Jody never could understand why Cosmo always seemed to be frustrated and would sometimes bite when he was corrected.

Thanks to Debbie, Jody learned a new and better way of training a dog known as Operant Conditioning using Positive Reinforcement. This type of dog training is non aversive, fun and more humane. It involves teaching your dog how to sit, lay down, and stay with hand cues, using positive reinforcement instead of yanking on his/her collar.

Our Mission

Our mission at Social Tailwaggers, LLC, is to help people understand there is a better way to work with your dog to create a fun, loving, and humane bond between the two of you. It starts with socialization when your puppy is between 8 and 16 weeks and continues with basic one on one training or classes using positive reinforcement. Behavior problems are the number  one reason people surrender their dog to a shelter. Let Social Tailwaggers, LLC, help you and your dog create a fun, happy, and humane experience which will bond the two of you for life.

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