Jody Takes An Overall Approach

Jody is a great dog trainer who helped me not only develop better command of my 1 1/2 year old Boxer but she also took the time to educate me on various behaviors and development of my dog. She gave me an overview of enrichment toys (e.g slo bowl, different kong toys that stimulate thinking) that help mentally stimulate my dog which helped manage some of that Boxer high energy.

Each week Jody provided an overview of what developmental areas she worked on with our dog and she made adjustments based on my feedback regarding how our dog was progressing. Jody was also helpful in assessing the training crate I was using and the leash for walking. She even helped me put together a new crate that was much more size appropriate for our dog. Jody takes an overall approach that encompasses training, development and creating a healthy environment for your doggie family member.

Overall I feel much more educated on training my boxer and ensuring she knows who the leader of the pack is in our household.


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