Angela and Bella

Jody Helped Me Understand How To Train My Pup!

Jody has been working with my 11 mo. old pup Bella (and of course, with ME!) for almost three months now! She came highly recommended by my dog walker, who agreed that Bella needed some ‘fine-tuning’, as it related to puppy behavior. Bella is a rescue and although I know her history, certain behaviors began to emerge, making it difficult for me to understand what was best for her as a puppy and most importantly, as a dog. Jody was eager to begin working with us immediately and uses a ‘positive reinforcement’ approach (as opposed to ‘corrective behavior’).

 I am still amazed at how much better Jody seems to know my dog than I do! She takes the time to assess OUR behavior with each other (as well as in external situations) and quickly developed a training plan tailored to our needs. She taught me first how to better understand and interpret my puppy’s signals and I soon realized that there were quite a few things I was doing incorrectly! That is the biggest bonus for me – Jody helped me understand how to train my pup! Not only that, she is always fast to respond to any questions I have and has even ‘talked me off the ledge’ a few times when Bella was just too much! She is patient, has an optimistic view of any scenario and Bella obeys her better than she does me!

We are still working together and based on what Jody has taught us, Bella is on her way to being ‘well behaved’ and I can finally sleep until 7 in the morning …. Hooray! J

I recommend Jody highly, as she is a great person and a great animal behaviorist, who provides ‘full service’ advice – from the proper crate, to the right training equipment for your needs, to the right food and if necessary, to other professionals who understand [specific] dog behavior(s).

 Bella and I thank you, Jody!

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