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Jody is an Extremely Dedicated Student

I have known Jody Broughton since she started studying to be a professional dog trainer. Jody is an extremely dedicated student and has gotten some really amazing experience working with dogs of all types. Her strongest area of interest is teaching and socializing puppies and she teaches wonderful puppy classes! Jody has volunteered with Love on a Leash Dog Rescue (LLDR) for over a year. She has graciously donated her time to help us with numerous puppies and dogs. She most often will assess dogs that are having behavior issues in their foster homes or with their newly adopted families. She is very resourceful and has given advice and training that has helped both the people and the dogs. Jody employs only positive training techniques. We at LLDR are grateful to have her as a part of our “team”! If I can provide any further information about Jody and her skills as a trainer, please feel free to contact me on 301-775-7661.

Best regards,

Love on a Leash Dog Rescue
Mona Hicks, Director,
9557 Red Apple Lane
Columbia, MD 21046

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