Ric and Lourdes P.

Working with Jody was a Great Experience


“We met Jody at the Riverfest Festival in Laurel, Maryland and had a conversation from which we decided to take dog training lessons for our female Chihuahua mix dog, “Bella”.

We learned to walk our dog on a leash, control her behavior in different situations and to give her different commands so she could focus and calm down.

Jody was great and knew how to deal with our dog but also she was very good communicating with us and explaining the pros and cons of training a high energy dog, like ours.

Now, we are left with the information and have been practicing what she taught us.  Working with Jody was a great experience.  She was very pleasant and patient with us, and our kids, Martin and Melissa, said they they had a lot of fun.  Based on this, I can tell you, that we highly recommend her.”


Ric, Lourdes, Martin, Melissa, and Bella P.

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