Sandra A.

A Wonderful Trainer


“Jody was (and oscar-aposporos-in-poolstill is) a treoscar-aposporos-in-chairmendous help!  She came prepared with lots of great ideas and information, all of which were extremely helpful.  I especially appreciated her advice on making mealtime a fun and educational experience.  He has really taken to the games/toys to get his food, rather than gulping it down in 5 seconds.  With her guidance, we have registered our puppy for his first kindergarten class.  he is off to a great start!

We are taking advantage of Jody’s new service, in-home puppy sitting.  We had hoped to take a vacation this summer, but with a new puppy it did not seem possible.  Jody has a great service in which she will stay with your little one, in your home, and continue to work with them  No need for boarding!

I am happy to recommend Jody to anyone looking for a wonderful trainer, who obviously loves puppies.  I have already given her information to two friends with new puppies.”


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